Mental Health and Mindfulness Resources

Please see the list below for some helpful links to resources exploring mindfulness and mental health!

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Interested in trying out yoga?

Yoga is for EVERYONE. You don’t have to be flexible, super athletic, or skinny to do it. Below are some resources to help you get started.

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Yoga with Adriene via YouTube: This is one of the most popular beginner yoga YouTubers. Start with her 30-day Yoga for Beginners series!

Down Dog app: At the start of the pandemic, Down Dog offered their yoga app for free to all students and teachers; recently, they have extended the offer FOREVER! Be sure to use your CCSD email to sign up to get the pro/paid version of the app 100% for free, forever.

Down Dog is a fully customizable yoga app. You can set the length, difficulty, focus area (such as core, flexibility, hamstrings, etc.), and style. You can even change the music and explanations! See Ms. A. if you need some help navigating this app.

Ms. A.’s Recommended Apps to Cultivate More Mindfulness in Your Life

Morning! – A quick, daily way to incorporate keeping a gratitude journal. It only takes a few minutes to show practice!

I am – Positive daily affirmations; Ms. A. has them rotating as a widget on her home screen. Lots of great categories and beautiful designs to choose from.

Head Space – A guided meditation app to get you started on the journey to meditation. Free for 30 days.

Calm – You may have seen commercials for this. Similar to Head Space, but also includes a “Sleep Stories” setting for those who have trouble getting to sleep.

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