EOC Prep Essay Submission

Due to Changing of the Chairs tomorrow, we will not have class first period, and fourth period will practice their typing skills for the EOC. If you are in Ms. A.’s first period and would like to take some time to practice your typing skills and speed, visit: www.typingclub.com and click on “Get Started” on the main page!

Today, you will use the class period to type your essays and submit them via Google Drive. As this is EOC practice, we will model the EOC testing environment during this time; this means working independently without talking or phone use.

You will only have this one class period to complete your essays. Just like on the EOC, you will have to submit even if you don’t finish! That’s why we are practicing 🙂

Please use the link below to access our shared Google Drive. From there, please submit your essays to the correct class period. For the purposes of submission, please title your Google Doc your first and last name. You will also need to submit your paper rubric with your name on it into the box!

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