The Great Gatsby: Reading Schedule

Please see below for your reading schedule for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Please note both in-class reading and homework requirements! Please scroll past the calendar for links to online versions of the novel. You will have short reading quizzes each day, so be sure to keep up with your reading!

  • Tuesday, May 3: Read chapter 1
    • HW: Finish chapter 1
  • Wednesday, May 4: Chapter 1 close reading activity; read chapter 2
    • HW: Finish chapter 2
  • Thursday, May 5: Read chapter 3; complete text-dependent questions
    • HW: Finish chapter 3
  • Friday, May 6: Read chapter 4; longer quiz over chapter 4 on Monday
    • HW: complete chapter 4 text-dependent questions in preparation for longer quiz on Monday
  • Monday, May 9: Quiz on chapter 4; start chapter 5
    • HW: Finish chapter 5
  • Tuesday, May 10: Close reading of chapter 5; chapter 5 discussion
    • HW: none!
  • Wednesday, May 11: Read chapter 6; jigsaw chapter 6 text-dependent questions
    • HW: none!
  • Thursday, May 12: Read chapter 7
  • Friday, May 13: You Go Girl conference; will likely not meet
    • HW: Finish chapter 7 before Monday’s class
  • Monday, May 16: Discuss chapter 7; chapter 7 close reading activity
    • HW: Finish close reading activity if not done so in class
  • Tuesday, May 17: Read chapter 8
    • HW: Finish chapter 8
  • Wednesday, May 18: Discuss chapter 8; read chapter 9 and complete text-dependent questions independently
    • HW: Finish the novel! Complete text-dependent questions if not completed in class
  • Thursday, May 19: Color symbolism activity and whole-novel discussion
  • Friday, May 20: Craft questions for Socratic Seminar
    • HW: Have questions and responses completed for Socratic Seminar
  • Monday, May 23 (early release): Complete Socratic Seminar questions and responses
  • Tuesday, May 24 (early release): FINAL EXAM: Socratic Seminar on The Great Gatsby
  • Wednesday, May 25 (early release): FINAL EXAM: Socratic Seminar on The Great Gatsby

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